Thursday, May 25, 2017

week 36: final presentation

The Final presentation was overall successful. the 12th scaled team seemed to be doing a lot better than the half scale.

week 35: fixing the corners

The main failure happened during the Paseo Public Prototyping was that the bogie falling off from the corners. The whole team had been trying to solve this problem.The first idea was to add height to the corners so when the bogie tilts, it would have more surface area for the upper guide. The final solution was adding layers to the inner part of the corner so that the bogie would not tilt when it comes to the corners.

week 34: solar panel rack request update

The current main job is the request of solar panel rack from solar team. The progress is at about 20% according to Kevin.

The next task coming up is the final presentation at May 12th. The overall progress is on point.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 33: Broken ankle

I twisted my ankle last week from playing basketball. It damaged my ligament so I could not move freely.

Therefore, I could not help on making another solar panel rack that was requested by the solar team. However i should be able to help with whatever comes next.

week 32: presentation 2

Public prototyping was overall successful. the only thing was that the bogie was not able to work with phone app.

Week 31: Public prototyping in 3 days

All teams looks to have a promising progress on the 1/12 scaled model. the goal was to have bogie looping half the track, one bogie looping the full track, one bogie being able to go from station to station, and the last one being able to be controlled from cell phone app.

The looks fully put together and functional. we are excited to see the full project at the event.

week 30: Paseo Public Prototyping

Paseo Public Prototyping is coming up on next the weekend. All teams are working over time in order to get the project working. We will be in charge of disassembling the track, moving it to our spot, and bring it back to the shop at the end of the day.

There are currently no outstanding requests from other teams so we would be in the lab and help who ever need an extra hand.